One on One Coaching with Joya Dass

  • How I work:

    • I will ask you to fill out a discovery form, so I can understand the following:
    • What is your biggest challenge when it comes to public speaking?
    • What do you think this challenge is about?
    • What solutions have you tried?
    • What were the end results?
    • What would the ideal solution to your challenges look like?

Based on this, I will design a 6 session course, tailored to the end result you seek. We meet once a week, virtually. I send notes after each session with homework for you to accomplish.


    • Engage better with your team and your direct reports
    • Lead with more authority and influence. Most importantly, clarity
    • Tell your story as the face of your team or brand
    • Become a better interviewer or podcast host
    • How to become a better interviewee

    • Frontline analysis
    • Better audience engagement
    • Better control over cadence
    • Better storytelling
    • Confidence to leverage the power of the pause
    • Ability to make a compelling argument

Package of 6 Sessions


Dr. Sonali Khanna Lal, LadyDrinks member and sport medicine physician

Joya was a great resource for me in preparation for the Lady Drinks fireside chat. She coached me through the nerves and anxiety that can come with public speaking for someone who so rarely does it. She gave some wonderful tips on how she handles public speaking engagements and they worked like a charm for me!