Come ready to face your challenges, be open to this course. Next class begins September 9th

Course Description

In each class, you will be presenting a 2 min talk. I will record it. Play it back to you and to the class for feedback. At the end of the class, each student will deliver the same talk again, but this time, integrating the feedback from the class. This is how I run workshops with groups when I get called into corporates.

  • CLASS 1 - Present yourself to a room

    • Who is your audience. Research the room.
    • Why are you the one who is speaking
    • What is your why
    • Controlling Anxiety
    • Handle nervousness
    • Exercise. Introduce yourself to the room.
  • CLASS 2 - Connect with yourself

    Exercise: Present one thing you are passionate about.

  • CLASS 3 - Connect with others

    • Using the power of story
    • Honing your message
    • Outline your talk
    • How to organize your thoughts
    • Use Simple words
    • Make every word count
    • Confidence
    • Leveraging the power of the pause
    • Slowing down
    • Video for Social Media. Equipment and tools
    • Exercise: Present a topic you know very little about
  • CLASS 4 - Look like you mean it

    • Eyes, Hands, Face, Authenticity
    • Vocal Variety
    • Stop leaning on crutch words
    • Props and Visual Aids
    • Exercise: Make a persuasive argument
  • CLASS 5 - How to ace an interview (job, podcast, video)

    Exercise: Get Interviewed!

  • CLASS 6 - Opening and Close

    • 5 ways to handle an open
    • Introduce your agenda
    • Common mistakes
    • Strong ways to close
    • Feedback
    • Exercise: Present a 5 minute talk