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LadyDrinks Presents A Virtual Workshop: Calling All Managers! How to Lead from Anywhere. with David Burkus

As working from home continues throughout the world, and companies begin to re-evaluate their short- and long-term plans for office space leases, and return to work plans, a lot of managers are also thinking about their leadership styles, and how they can potentially continue to effectively lead teams virtually going forward. David Burkus, keynote speaker, […]

Mindful Selling With Sales Coach Anis Qizilbash

Anis Quizilbash is a seasoned sales professional who enlightens, inspires, and empowers teams and individuals to grow their business through her Mindful Selling coaching programs. She reveals the key tenets of her sales philosophy and how they can help entrepreneurs, small businesses and women in leadership overcome sales challenges and improve their marketing What is […]

A Virtual Fireside Chat with Seth Godin

  Seth Godin has written 17 books on advertising, marketing, business, and leadership. I had the pleasure of hosting a virtual “Fireside Chat” with Seth, and we dug deep into attendee questions after he and I laid the groundwork for our hangout. Seth is such a great person to talk with, and he’s usually super […]