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Most consumers base their purchase of a product or service on customer reviews. Amazon, for example, has become synonymous with its infamous buyer reviews. When we purchase something on Amazon, the chances of receiving a polite email requesting that we review the product are high, especially if the company is smaller in size. Testimonials are […]

Laura Vanderkam: A Time Management Expert’s Top Ten Tips on How the most successful people work from home

Working from home, especially during these challenging times, requires that we become intentional about how we spend our time. Remaining productive while managing work, family, and life, in general, requires that we master our time by setting clear boundaries. Only by paying attention to the way that we work, and by being protective of our […]

Emily Heyward: A branding expert’s top 10 tips to Persistently Standing Out in the Market

Effective branding is one of the ways to ensure your business remains competitive. But you’ll require persistence to keep promoting your brand to achieve success in business. PR Strategist Emily Heyward engaged us in a conversation on branding. Here are ten valuable tips to persistent leadership that she provided. Be clear about your brand from […]