Putting Your Leadership Brand into Action

1. Support and encourage people to lead themselves
– Part of your role as a leader is to fuel the inspiration and confidence your staff need to lead themselves. Consider that if you want the best from people, they must first believe they’re capable of more, and then that giving more matters. 
– What’s more effective, Getting the fish. Or teaching a man to fish.

– Culture starts from hire #1

– Mentor Mentee relationships.
2. Make bold requests

– Kathie’s Story- New Company or new division. Take the time to do a one-on-one assessment with each team player.
– “Confidential Internal Survey” that I have used for over 25 years in “transforming” a company or team into a powerhouse.
– If you truly want to cultivate leaders, you’ll want to make bold requests – the kind that make someone’s heart race a bit because they know it’s going to require them to stretch themselves to be more and do more.
– Make the results you’re asking for meaningful to your staff, to you and to your organization, and you’ll heighten their level of commitment and ownership as well.

3. Know their WHY (and if they don’t know it, support them in discovering it).

– Why is it worth it for them to risk being a leader? If they don’t have a strong enough “why,” it will be very hard for you to support them in elevating their leadership. Leading involves risk, and risk requires courage. This is especially true when we are learning and may not do something perfectly or succeed with the first attempt. We all need a ‘why’ that is strong enough to compel us to take the risk to lead. Tend to the “why” for others, and you will help them build a strong foundation for their leadership.
– Based on the Confidential Internal Survey’s given to people- are they in the right role for the new organization being developed? Can you better utilize them in a different capacity for change?
– Readjusting individuals roles based on their own leadership brand- skills, talents, and management styles to keep the strategy moving along.
– There are different types of leadership players – survivors, adapters, and thrivers. How do you use each one of these types of players to move the organization forward.
– What is the “change story”? – utilize multiple levels of communication to create the new story- while holding onto the enduring values.
– How do we get there through our people, our leaders?
– Showcase stories about how individuals and the company are living their purpose during this time.

 4. Develop partners vs. good soldiers

– Reinforcing the power of collaborative leadership during this time while we are still unfolding from a total COVID 19 shutdown.

– Ability to course correct and remain agile for competitive advantage with a team of leaders that make it possible.
– Consider identifying at least a few people who you could confidently invite to be your partner – as people who work with you rather than just for you. Practice leadership development this way and you’ll see their level of ownership increase dramatically.
– The hard part may be that you’ll have to let go of more than may be comfortable with. But just think of what you might now be able to take on instead

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