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Now learn to embrace the spotlight. A new virtual workshop helps you with that. Plus our next Fireside chat with the CEO of Diane von Furstenberg

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I’m currently enrolled in author Tara Mohr’s course “Playing Big.” I think I have been conditioned to play small, so it was an important course for me to enroll in. In it, she talks about doubt. Women who have written multiple books and awarded trophies, still experience doubt when embarking on a new project. Heck, I experience that inner voice of doubt every time I greenlight an event and I have hosted hundreds of successful events for #ladydrinks at this point. Mohr goes on to say, that it’s not that we wont’ experience doubt as women leaders, but what our relationship to doubt is. Do we let doubt cripple us, or do we execute on an idea anyway. What was the last time you experienced doubt? Resources in this video: Tara Mohr and her book Playing Big

In 2020, LadyDrinks hosts six dinners around the world to celebrate International Women’s Day.

March 17th, the movement observes the day with a dinner. Eight women leaders are invited to …

I’m putting you in the room with like -minded executive women and founders to talk openly about our own true and tried ways we have achieved work life balance in our own ways. You walk away with tools to support you long after you have left the room. All of this happens at Lokal, with a menu created by Chef Walter Donadio.

Your business is a part of you, yet has its own Soul, and if you are practicing the behaviors below, chances are your relationship with your business is misaligned. LadyDrinks partners with Jennifer Urrezzio to host this important workshop on how women can be seen and heard in the workplace.During this 60-minute virtual workshop, you will learn the tools to:

  • Understand and attract your community in a bigger way
  • Understand and operate on your definition of success
  • Understand that it is your right and you are enough to thrive and excel
  • Understand and embrace your talents and the talents and gifts of the business
  • Move into action and take this knowledge to the next level

Retail has changed in the last 10 years.

In this conversation with Sandra Campos, CEO of DVF, LadyDrinks Founder Joya Dass will focus on how a legacy brand works to remain digitally relevant in the fast changing landscape of fashion. Plus learn valuable leadership lessons from Campos on how she crafted her career and became CEO.

If you are a retail or apparel company, or an individual interested in your own leadership development, this event is for you.